Ralph M., Bonita Springs, Fla. “I thought selling my boat would be a hassle, but Skip made it easy as could be. Florida Boat Center is a great addition to the local economy.”


Steve S., Punta Gorda, Fla. “It was a little nervewracking to let my baby go all the way to Naples, but I visited their boatyard and was blown away at how nice everything looked; certainly not like the used car lots around here. Everyone was professional and eager to help.”


Bill H., St. Petersburg, Fla. “Never thought I’d get anything close to my bottom line on that big old ’98 Grady Marlin, but they convinced me people in Naples are crazy for Gradys. Turns out, they were right!”


Cindy W, Marco Island, Fla. “I couldn’t get a mortgage loan without a big down payment, so I had to sell the boat – fast. What a relief to have Florida Boat Center take over the marketing. My 2008 Century sold for just $500 less than they asked. Good follow through, start to finish.”


Adrienne T., Bradenton, Fla. “Thank you Skip¬†and Florida Boat Center. I really need to sell that big Hydrosport, but was upside-down as far as financing. It took some skilled brokering to make this sale happen.”

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